Construction of passive houses

Residential and office buildings with ultra-low energy consumption

Why passive house?

Why it is advisable to build only energy-efficient houses



Operating costs for heating, cooling, hot water supply are less than 10 ₴/m2 per year


Construction and operation are carried out with a minimal carbon footprint and using safe materials


Energy independent

Mostly equipped with several systems that use renewable energy sources - geothermal, solar, etc.


Clean air with quality control, automation of climate and security systems, maximum natural lighting

High quality

It is possible to build a house with ultra-low energy consumption only of high quality, in addition, mandatory instrument checks of the quality of the built house

grow- business- profit- company- building

High real estate value

Despite the change in climatic conditions and energy tariffs, the technical and quality indicators of the building will remain high for a long time

Stages of construction

To achieve a high level of energy efficiency of the house, it is necessary to carefully plan and carry out construction work

Soil preparation

Development of the soil, installation of drainage, installation of a soil heat exchanger, laying of engineering networks, installation of the base for the foundation, installation of the junction of the external covering of the soil to the door.


Installation of thermal insulation of the foundation slab, arrangement of the reinforcement frame, pouring of the foundation, sheltering of the foundation.

Enclosing structures

Erection of walls, installation of ceilings, installation of Mauerlat, installation of roofing, installation of ceiling lights. Fastening strength testing.

Translucent designs

Installation of windows and doors, translucent elements of the facade.

Engineering networks

Laying engineering networks, including air ducts, especially in external walls and through holes in external walls, laying networks along the external walls of the building, weather sensors, air quality and lighting sensors.

Thermal insulation

Installation of thermal insulation, methods of fastening cantilever and remote elements, sun protection, installation of external decoration.


Installation of a layer of tightness. Airtightness testing (Blower door test) and thermal imaging inspection if necessary, elimination of deficiencies.

Decoration and equipment

Interior decoration of premises. Installation of engineering equipment. Starting the system of ventilation, heating, cooling, sun protection, hot water supply, etc. Monitoring of energy and climate indicators.

Implemented projects

Office building

Floors - 5, area - 2100 sq.m., energy consumption - 27kWh/sq.m./year.

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Modular house

Fully autonomous house, availability of all engineering networks.

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