100% wood fuel pellet

Pellets for gas and coal fuel replacement

Pellet characteristics


6mm / 8mm

Pellet fraction 6 mm or 8 mm, length up to 45 mm


< 10%

Humidity is mostly within 8%


< 0,7%

Ash content for group A - below 0.7%, for group B - below 1.5%

Calorific value


Lower heat of combustion in the range of 4200..4800 kcal/kg


Big bag 1t / Bag 15kg

We load the pellet into a big-bag with an upper protective apron against precipitation and a lower unloading valve


Beech / Oak

We produce pellets only from primary wood of hard species - beech and oak, without chemical influence

106Miscellaneous 31 solid


Without sand and bark

Wood for fuel pellets is cleaned of mechanical impurities, so no vitreous cake is formed during burning

Combustion temperature

900-1040 deg С

Combustion temperature for oak pellets - 900 degrees C, beech - 1040 degrees C, its correction is carried out by injecting air

Main indicators

Daily productivity

25 ton

Warehouse stocks

200 ton

Carbon footprint

237 kg СО2/t

Production process

Cleaning of raw materials

Wood is cleaned of sand during harvesting and transportation, as well as bark removal. Cleaned logs of wood enter the production process.

Preliminary drying of raw materials

Wood is dried in drying chambers with waste heat from technological processes. Raw materials with a moisture content of ~12-15% are received for further processing.

Preliminary grinding

Grinding of dried raw materials into 5 mm fractions and accumulation in buffer tanks is carried out.

Fine grinding

Further grinding into fractions of 0.5-1 mm is carried out.

Additional drying

In case of heavy production load, flow drying is carried out in a heat agent to achieve a uniform moisture content of ~12% and accumulation in a buffer tank.


The prepared homogenized raw material is fed into the granulator and pressed into a granule by natural processes. No binders are added.


The hot-formed pellet passes through three cooling units to quickly reduce the temperature to gain strength.


During the entire production process, volatile wood particles are captured to preserve raw materials and ensure the sanitary requirements of workplaces.


The cooled granule is packaged in 1t big bags or 15kg bags. The Privat Label service is available, with the packing of granules in the customer's branded container.

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