Energy audit

Conducting energy audits of industrial enterprises and residential buildings

Industry experience

Production of bread

Baking field bread, production of confectionery products

Processing of milk

Production of milk, cheese, butter, fermented milk products

Meat processing

Meat processing, production of sausages, canned meat products

Fish processing

Fish processing, production of canned fish products

Mixer Truck

Production of building materials

Production of concrete structures, bulk building materials

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Production of machines and mechanisms, metalworking

Energy efficient construction

Private and multi-apartment buildings

Operations of public buildings

Administrative buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, commercial and office centers, best experience

Complex production audit

Energy and resource audit, audit of limitations, training of specialized specialists


Compressed air and vacuum system

● systems of generation, accumulation, preparation, management of compressed air;● energy monitoring and predictive control systems;● heat recovery;


Lighting system

● automation and work according to scenarios of lighting systems;● natural lighting of office and industrial premises;● quality of workplace lighting;


Heating, ventilation, air conditioning system

● boiler houses, fuel use;● mechanical and natural ventilation systems, heat recovery;● natural cooling and air conditioning systems;


Systems of thermal installations

● melting and hardening of metals;● production of polymers;


Electric drive systems

● conveyor systems and connected systems;● management of systems based on demand;


Pump systems

● drive management;● pressure distribution and maintenance systems; ● air conditioning;


Cooling system

● production of industrial cold;● cryogenic installations;


Water use and natural resources

● use of surface runoff;● use of water from surface sources;


Energy generation and conversion systems

● cogeneration systems;● production of cold from thermal energy;● production of technical gases;● energy storage systems;


Production processes

● production of dairy products, bakery products;● processing of meat, fish, vegetables;● mechanical engineering;● production of building materials, concrete;● woodworking;● textile production;

Activity in international projects



Conducting consulting projects in the areas of "Energy and resource efficiency" with the support of the EBRD project "Consulting for small and medium-sized businesses"



Conducting energy audits at industrial enterprises, with the support of the GIZ project "Consulting enterprises on energy efficiency"



Engineering support of the First Network of Energy-Efficient Enterprises of the Lviv Region, with the support of the GIZ project and the Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Training project for energy auditors in Ukraine for large-scale energy modernization of buildings 


According to the conclusions of the energy audit, after implementing the recommendations, we achieved savings in gas consumption for the production of saturated steam by more than 10% of the daily consumption, reduced compressed air consumption by more than 3% and, accordingly, electricity.


Vasyl Guryanov

Gnivansk plant of special reinforced concrete

Among the advantages of cooperation, high professionalism and concern for our needs can be noted. Economical, but at the same time effective lighting of production premises was relevant for our company. The optimal lighting for each zone was calculated, a new lighting plan was drawn up and solutions were proposed that fully satisfied the needs of the enterprise.


Taras Osadchii

Haysynsky milk factory

Offers can be used already today, because they do not require large financial costs. Also, for a certain list of already existing working and technical processes, recommendations are proposed that do not require financial costs at all. Proposed "live" recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the school building.


Raisa Gurtova

Private school Stupeni

As a result of the audit, we received full updated information on the use of energy carriers at the enterprise in the production of products, in particular, thanks to the implementation of dispatching of energy-consuming equipment. This, in turn, made it possible for us to develop a plan together with the "Energene" company to reduce energy costs, including without attracting significant funds.


Yury Stepanov

Central Fish

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